For many a nosey super.


The Super Repeats,Everything He Hears.<br />
He Cleans Up By Day,At Night He Shakes For Beer.<br />
He Acts Like Some Kind of Romeo.<br />
He Grins And Struts Everywhere he Goes.<br />
He Sometimes Offer Out,Backrubs.<br />
He Sometimes Dances In Male Strip clubs.Yeah,<br />
<br />
The Super Repeats.<br />
The Super.Repeats.<br />
The Super&nbsp; Repeats.<br />
<br />
The Things He Hears He Sucks Them Up.<br />
Listen,He's Not On The,Up and Up.<br />
He'll Smile Hello,In Your Face.<br />
The Next Day,Your Business Is All Over The Place.<br />
<br />
The Super Repeats.<br />
The Super Repeats.<br />
The Super Repeats.<br />
Painting,Mopping,or Sweeping Up.<br />
He'll Stand in Front Your Door Just,Like A Duck.<br />
No,You Can't Stop Him,So don't Ever Try.<br />
If He Ever Got Caught,I Think He'd Cry.<br />
It's What He Does,It's Part of His Life.<br />
He Likes It Better Than His Own Wife.<br />
The Super Repeats.<br />
The Super Repeats.<br />
The Super Repeats.